Floatation Creations


The creativity-enhancing properties of Floating for artists in particular have been seen in Art from the Void, a book compiled with work from artists on the West Coast who found inspiration in Floating. With your help, we will create our own spin on this awesome book here on the East Coast!

Float three times for free, with the understanding that by after the second Float you’ll start and finish a project (one piece of artwork, on one medium, minimally) within one month. We think you’ll be amazed at everything your mind creates when you eliminate the distractions of the outside world.

Is there a deadline for signing up?  There is a cap on active participants, but otherwise applications are accepted at any time.

Are there requirements for the art itself? Does it have to be about Floating? The only minimal requirement is a single piece/work posted to one of the artist's social media or website / portfolio / etc., also provided as hi- res PDF file to East Coast Float Spa. The subject can be whatever you like, but if you want to make it Float-related that's awesome!

What will happen when I sign up? We’ll get in contact with you to schedule a brief review of your submission, discuss the program, and if everyone thinks it will be a good fit, we will sign the contract and schedule your three Floats immediately!

How will my art be used? When you sign our contract, you’ll grant us royalty-free rights to use the work in promotional and commercial projects. We will use the work to promote the artists and Floating. You will retain ownership of your work. Click here to view a copy of our contract.

Can I participate if I’ve never Floated before? Definitely! If you want to try out Floating before applying to the program, we have first time specials available, or give us a call and we'll be happy to help get you scheduled!

Apply today!

Take a few minutes to let us know about your interest and provide a sample of your work with our quick online application!

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