Float with Friends!


Reserving several Floats makes for a stellar group outing! Be sure to check out these helpful tips:

1. Try booking at least a week ahead of time. Since you may want to reserve two or all three of the Float Rooms for the same time, be sure to book in advance so that you can get the day/time that works best for you.

2. Every Float Room needs to be reserved using the name of the Floater. In other words, please don't reserve multiple Float Rooms under one name!

3. Phone booking = easy booking. We're pros at figuring out all your Floating needs, so just give us a call at 484-881-3413 and we'll set you up in no time!

4. You'll need a credit/debit card to reserve the session. Be sure to have it handy! We won't charge anything unless you tell us to... or if you don't show up to your Float without letting us know in advance. So don't forget!

5. Book your Float! You can check our availability at the bottom of this page.

6. Check for your confirmation email. You need to receive one for every Floater. Each confirmation email includes very important information like the date, time, and length of your Float, as well as some helpful tips for you to have the best Float possible!

7. Float! Be sure to fill out the New Client Information Form and Waiver, and arrive 15 minutes early, if it's your first time with us. Get ready to reach ultimate relaxation! We'll see you soon!


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