Client Testimonials

Floating has many benefits, including pain relief and improving quality of sleep and sleep patterns! It's the best kept secret to a better, calmer, more relaxed you! Visit our schedule page to see what deals we have available:

She wasn't sure what to expect during her first Float, but hear why it was "amazing!"

Pain free after his first Float! Having dealt with chronic pain for over a year, listen and watch this Client explain why he Floats!

You don't have to be sore after running a marathon! Floatation Therapy is scientifically proven to help speed physical recovery by reducing muscle and joint tension, pain, and inflammation!

Loved your first Float! Of course you did! But just like with everything, practice makes perfect...

Floatation Therapy lets your body and mind achieve a whole new level of relaxation! The stress and anxiety reduction that naturally happens in just 60 minutes in the calming sensory-input-controlled environment of our Float Rooms is something you just have to experience for yourself!