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East Coast Float Spa


The largest Float Center in the Philadelphia area, East Coast Float Spa's three custom-built Float Rooms are large enough to walk into, stand up inside, spread out, and offer a more modern, inviting environment compared to the classic isolation tank. Keep relaxing even further in our Post Float Lounge, with amazing Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs, a flavored Oxygen Bar, and a menu of organic local tea blends. It's a whole new level of relaxation!

Our Mission

Nothing too complicated: At East Coast Float Spa, our mission is to help as many people as possible by providing Floatation Therapy in a modern, comfortable setting, and being welcoming to everyone! We maintain a strong commitment to our passion for health through our core values and having the distinction of being an all organic and natural Spa; which includes buying local and sustainable products whenever possible. This includes all of our soaps, shampoos, health products, cleaning supplies, food, drink, and anything else we can think of!

Float Rooms, Not Tanks

Most of the people who know about Floating already are usually only familiar with the enclosed structures referred to as isolation tanks or sensory deprivation chambers. While these old-fashioned models are still somewhat common at other existing businesses, East Coast Float Spa has three customized, modern, and spacious Floatation Therapy Rooms that provide the best Client experience while still getting all of the benefits of Floating!

We are committed to keep fighting the good fight against claustrophobia!

  • NO MORE feeling trapped after closing a lid!
  • NO MORE shortness of breath!
  • Enough room to walk into, stand inside, and spread out!

East Coast Float Spa’s three customized Float Rooms bring the future of high-end Floatation Therapy to everyone! All three Rooms are housed within their own private, individual Suites with your own shower and changing area. Each Room provides the same amazing Float experience: they all have a different aesthetic design but are functionally the same.

We are conveniently located in West Chester, PA, in the Gay Street Plaza! Visit our Contact Us page for hours of operation, phone number, map, e-mail, and more, or come in to experience Floating for yourself by scheduling online now!

There's never any rush to head back out after Floating! Keep relaxing in our Post Float Lounge with our Flavored Oxygen Bar, Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs, Organic Tea Blend Bar, or just hang out in the calming ambiance of the rock waterfall and let us know about your Float in our Community Float Journal!

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What Makes a Quality Float at East Coast Float Spa?

Client Experience

We built East Coast Float Spa with the Client in mind. Everything from the team that will be taking care of youto your experience after you are done Floating were designed to provide you with the best experience with Floatation Therapy. In fact, we designed our Floatation Therapy center as we would want it if we were the Clients, because our friends, family, and community Float here too!


Heated Fresh Air Exchange - We utilize a heated air exchange system as well as an exhaust air system that provides you with heated, fresh, non-humid air at the beginning of every Float to allow for easy, comfortable breathing every time. Relax, breathe deep, and let go into your Float!


Filtered Water Source - Our Floatation Therapy Rooms start with a clean water source, using a two-phase, automated filtration system to deliver filtered water free of all harmful, synthetic chemicals present in untreated city water.

Water Maintenance - We run a powerful filtration system between each Float, including UV, advanced oxidation, NSF certified 10 micron particle filter, and skimmer. The nature of the salt itself is a powerful solution that provides amazing protection from pathogens, much like in the Dead Sea (it's called the Dead Sea because nothing can survive!). We also follow strict quality control procedures to regularly test our waters to ensure the effectiveness of our filtration systems and adherence to the Float Tank Association's Standards.

Our Float Rooms use computerized, state-of-the-art technology to automatically begin the triple-filtration process after the end of each Float. We have more details listed on our FAQ page if you would like any further information about the water maintenance, or don't hesitate to

Epsom Salt

Highest Grade Epsom Salt - We use USP Grade Epsom Salt, which is considered to be the cleanest and highest quality Epsom salt, per USP (United States Pharmacopeia Convention) standards. Because your skin regulates the absorption of Magnesium and Sulfate from the Epsom salt, the quality of these minerals is critical. We hand-mix this top-of-the-line Epsom Salt with Dead Sea Salts to recreate your own personal Dead Sea here in West Chester!

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