Boost Creativity, Learning and Memory

Mental Edge for the Semester

  • Find the ability to vividly visualize your performance and achieve new levels of mental clarity

  • Studies have shown that students were able to remember facts & concentrate better after Floating

  • The right and left brain hemispheres communicate more efficiently, promoting better learning/concentration and enhancement of memory

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Find Your Muse

  • As you relax, your brain soon reaches a state of calm as it enters into a lower brainwave frequency known as Theta.  In this lower brainwave pattern unpredictable dreaming and vivid images may enter into the mind as well as thoughts of creating something new or improving an existing idea

  • While Floating, the Theta state can last indefinitely without losing consciousness, leading many to use the extended Theta state as a tool for enhanced creativity, problem-solving, or enhanced learning

  • The quality of creative work can be improved by Floating before starting work!


  • Floatation Therapy brings about a Theta state naturally, as the body & mind quiet down
  • One characteristic of a Theta state is hypnogogic imagery  (hip-nuh-gog-ick - we don't make these words up!): this is what happens in those fleeting moments before you fall asleep when your mind's eye visualizes vivid scenes and images, and this state has been closely likened to the Zen mindset of yogis and master meditators
  • You don't need to have any practice or knowledge of any method or technique for achieving these states, just simply relax into the water and let go into your Float!
The logical-rational mind (left side) is allowed to relax and is bypassed, enabling the right brain activities of creativity and intuition to emerge to more conscious levels of understanding...this reinforces not only motivation and drive, but also clarifies deeper understandings related to genuine interests, vocation, and sense of purpose in life.
— Dr. Rene Mateos, NSW Department of Mental Health