Deep Relaxation

East Coast Float Spa Epsom Salt Relaxation

Achieve Profound Relaxation

  • Remove external stimuli: no cell phone, no email, no kids, no boss, no TV, no Facebook, no internet...
  • Unplug and enjoy true Me Time in the most perfect, serene environment that simply cannot be replicated!  
  • Experience lowered levels of adrenaline, cortisol, lactic acid, and higher levels of endorphins
  • A 60 minute Float has been said to be equivalent to approximately 4 hours of deep sleep

A Unique Environment

  • Without stimuli the mind can explore self-knowledge, self-development and expanded consciousness. The truth floats its way to the top...
  • Theta brain waves: your brain waves slow down, allowing you to enter your most relaxed and creative state, free of stress and anxiety