Improve Physical Performance

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The Science of Performance

  • Improve reaction time and athletic performance through visualization
  • Speeds healing and recovery from physical activity, injuries, and fatigue
  • Used by the Australian, British, Swedish, & Chilean Olympic teams, as well as by elite & professional athletes
  • Lowers blood pressure, cortisol, and lactic acid

Float to Dominance

  • Visualization:  visualizing your success is a very effective training technique, and the environment found while Floating helps to facilitate this practice and to foster increased confidence, concentration, and calmness
  • Muscle memory:  find increased efficiency from the weightless environment
  • Break through plateaus for new levels of performance

Recover, Rejuvenate, & Replenish in Record Time

  • The trifecta of restricted external stimuli, 1000 lbs of Epsom salts, & reduced gravity combine to help you heal more quickly & efficiently
  • The highest-quality Epsom salts relax the muscles, allowing your body to repair, and the Magnesium absorbed detoxifies the body of lactic acid. It's the ultimate Epsom salt bath with literally 1000 pounds!
  • Speed the healing process by taking the weight off strained bones, joints, and muscles and increase the efficiency of the blood circulating through the body: compress your recovery time from days to hours!

The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) psychologists use Float tanks for three main purposes: recuperation and rejuvenation, injury rehabilitation and neuro-muscular programming. Floatation Therapy represents a new dimension in sports training for the elite athlete.
— Jeff Bond, AIS
When I Float I can really feel a lot of pressure being taken off my back and when I compete I feel calm and my mind and body feels in balance. I think everyone should at least have one Float in their lives, or they just don’t know what they are missing!
— Jade Johnson, British Olympian