You Were Born Floating!

Floatation Therapy is the perfect physical and mental respite for expecting mothers. There is no better way to relieve the added mental and physical stress that may be inevitable during pregnancy. 

Research has begun to show that our time in the womb has life long implications for us. Stress during pregnancy can disrupt natural hormonal development in offspring. So when you're responsible for two, there is no better time to Float, relax, and connect!

I enjoyed the lightweight feeling and the stillness. My legs, which are heavy and retaining fluid, felt at one with the water. Floating is certainly a wonderful way to eliminate stress in pregnancy and to combat the heavy feelings found in the body due to pregnancy.
— Bette, 8 months pregnant

Floating during pregnancy is a safe and effective way to reduce pain and stress.

Floating in one of our specially designed Float Rooms provides the following benefits: 

  • Weightless environment, reducing the aches and pains associated with carrying extra weight to which the body is not accustomed
  • Deep relaxation, increased endorphins
  • Relief from the pressures of the 3rd trimester such as pressures on the internal organs and pressure on the spine
  • The rest you get while Floating provides much needed physical and mental recovery time from the lack of regular full nights of sleep
  • Absorption of Magnesium and other natural minerals from Epsom salts, of which deficiencies may occur while pregnant, providing a higher quality feeling of wellness
  • The "mirror effect" of you Floating while the baby is Floating inside of you, which is said to provide a deeper connection between the mother and baby

Floating During Pregnancy:

Floatation Therapy during pregnancy is excellent for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters and the weightless environment can be beneficial to both you and your baby. Floating while pregnant takes the constant strain off your spine and feet, which can help with the aches and pains that normally occur when being pregnant.

You can even create a deeper connection with your baby while you Float as you experience a feeling similar to what your baby feels floating in your womb. If you are considering a water birth or HypnoBirthing, Floatation Therapy is an excellent way to prepare you for your natural childbirth.

   1st Trimester

  • It isn’t recommended you Float during your first trimester or if you have a high risk pregnancy. Only three more months! 

   2nd Trimester

  • As long as your doctor approves, we recommend you Float at least once a week with us. This will help you relieve the onset of pregnancy stress, strain on your muscles, aches, and pains. Contact us about reduced rates for frequent Floating!

   3rd Trimester

  • Floating at least  2 – 3 times per week can help relax you and your baby for the upcoming birth of your little bundle of joy!

Maintaining your Zen

As important as it is to maintain your Zen during pregnancy, the real challenge comes after the delivery. Reported lack of sleep, postpartum depression and physical recovery can all be remedied by Floating.  Ask about our new mom specials!

Consult Your Physician First

While Floatation Therapy is generally considered to be safe per the guidelines above, please consult with your physician or medical provider prior to Floating or if you have any questions.

I was eight months pregnant when I Floated for the first time. Pregnancy takes a toll on every muscle in your body, especially your torso. Ironically, the times when you get a chance to rest is when the baby becomes more active and its weight continues to put stress on your muscles.

While Floating, I expected the baby to be very active, but was pleasantly surprised. Since there was no pressure from any side, the baby didn’t feel the need to kick or roll around. It was the best rest I’ve had in several months. I would recommend Floating to anyone, pregnant or not, for a time of physical and mental renewal.
— Heather